Thursday, 11 January 2018

Year of the Dog 2018

Meet MailArtMutt, specialist in collecting trash and helps making Trashpo. The hanging decoration  by Kim Jung Youn completes the picture, 
 Happy Doggy Year! 

Peter Müller

A postcard from Peter with a note on the reverse urging me to feed the dog. MailArtMutt I suppose and three pages of a bookie of very interesting and detailed collages. 

Ficus Strangulensis

Three postcards from Fikus, cleverly processed photos with a high dose of artistic talent in the mix

Maria Consuelo Guacuto Blanco

Maria Consuelo,  who is an accomplished water colourist, pasted this soft but high impact image of a magnolia bud in my page in IUOMA. 


A subtle collage by Bonniediva, a reminder of summers past, with a scrap of print cleverly trimmed; the words on it read like a poem.

Cascadia Artpost

Jack, the Ruler of Cascadia, has also recycled Mail Art. This is a postcard titled 'Portrait of Unknown Artist by Unknown Artist'. Originally created by Ed Higgins with modifications by Jack. 

Elena Amette

Elena's lovely card, which has elements in relief, came nude and in very good health, luckily. Nothing was lost which seems a miracle to me. 

 Carol Stetser
A Valentine heart from Carol and four artist Trading Cards in a folder.  The one celebrating International Letter Writing Week was created by her and the others are recirculated but I shall add them to my collection.

Sabella Baña

A superb dog collage by Sabella Baña which I took from the IUOMA Dog Group 2.0, with her approval, of course

Shellie  Lewis

 Shellie sent a beautifully executed collage on a page from 'George Hunt takes the Hill,' a book which I have not been able to find and I am curious,

The drawing of a face, so nice, perhaps a self-portrait,  

and a message and several Heaven notes to wish me a happy Year of the Dog, Gong Hay Fat Choy, all in a gorgeous envelope as you can see, from Shellie.

From Janus latest documentation, a fantastic job of compilation and graphic design with 190 contributors from 32 countries.

Orlando Pacheco Acuna 

Orlando sent two postcards; one a monoprint I guess and the other a composition made with artistamps

Lucky Pierre

Lucky Pierre - An interesting and I suspect vintage multiple postcard of Easton  Lucky's new home. Above a dark sun Artistamp.

Richard Baudet
Richard  Baudet - Linotype on vegetable paper

Cascadia Artpost

Postcard displaying artistamps sent to Cascadia Artpost 

Cascadia Artpost - Composite of Mail Art received and recycled
as a New Year card
Cascadia Artpost - Card with artistamp celebrating an unsung hero, Colonel Stanislav Petrov, who avoided a nuclear catastrophe of worldwide proportions.

Cascadia Artpost - Collage on the back of the card above.

Rolina Gibson

 Rolina Gibson - sheet of music with a song called Martha! Also a collage on a postcard, all in an envelope with a hand carved rubber stamp of a snail.

 Rolina Gibson - Collage on postcard

 Rolina Gibson - Collage on card

Gunter Schwind

Gunter Schwind -  Hand painted card 

Ed Giesek

Ed Giecek - Trading cards and stamped music paper.

Ti Ar Raden

Ti Ar Raden - hand drawn stylised cat 


Strippygoose - print of a hand drawn Christmas Bobble Bird with ink stamps. 

Katerina Nicoltsou

Both sides of a collage celebrating the Year of the Dog by Katerina Nicoltsou

Katerina Nicoltsou - Collage on card with perforated stars
and envelope on same theme

Laura Cristin
Laura Cristin - Collaged envelope with collaged label inside

Alan Brignull

Alan Brignull - A set of artistamps from Adanaland, postcards with found graphitti, poem on postcard and envelope.
 ( No, Alan I do not think you re bonkers, I have been known 
to keep snails indoors in winter so they do not die of cold)

Diane Bertrand
Diane Bertrand - hand drawn Christmas tree on back of an old greeting card and below two hand made Artist Trading Cards

Chapin Mora

Chapin Mora - Political comment on a postcard. 

Carol Stetser

The cover of another book by Carol which arrived later in the month
Carol Stetser - Recycled postcard from Barcelona, I guess,
with addition of Dali's bust in relief

Carol Stetser  - Part of a zig-zag book made from recycled Mail Art postcards
with recycled stickers and artistamps.


Kerosene - Collaged Artist Trading Card and hand printed greeting card

Fleur Helsingor

Fleur Helsingor - Below a collage on a postcard showing a photo of an artist book taken at an exhibition and above an Artist Trading Card
sent by Diane Bertrand

B. E. Pilcherd

B.E.Pilcherd - A quote and poster for a music show in which he played 

Peter Muller

Peter Müller -  Collage on paper and below, the  back of the envelope
 with a caricature, maybe of himself.

Vittore Baroni

Vittore Baroni - Collage on postcard, with Biro drawing over, on top left corner and stickers.
Vittorio Baroni - Artist Trading Cards

Vittorio Baroni - Collage on printed paper

D. S. Aponte

D.S. Aponte - Prints on paper 

D.S. Aponte - Photo printed on paper
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